Older Rohingya refugees sick and struggle to reach aid

Older people are sick and struggling to reach aid, according to the latest reports from staff in Bangladesh – who have been meeting with hundreds of older Rohingya refugees in the camps.

Older people are sick, need medical assistance

  • 97% of older refugees in the camps are ill or require medical assistance
  • 67% of older people have physical difficulties in accessing healthcare services
  • 61% need assistive aids like glasses, walking sticks and hearing aids

Health centres in the refugee camps are difficult for older people to access, overcrowded, and often do not have the appropriate treatment or medication for older people.

Lack of mobility makes reaching aid difficult

  • 56% of older people cannot reach distribution points on their own
  • 74% depend on friends or family to help them meet their basic needs
  • 63% face physical difficulties in accessing food

Reports have highlighted that when aid is delivered, older people are sometimes pushed aside and left empty-handed.

Living in inadequate shelters as winter approaches

Thousands of older people are living in makeshift tents made from whatever materials are at hand. Often, these shelters are no more than wooden frames covered in plastic sheets. They are inadequate for the cold winter months ahead.

As winter approaches, older people need help building and maintaining their shelters.

Responding to the needs of older refugees

Through our partners in Bangladesh, we are making sure older people’s needs are heard and that they receive the help and support they need.

In this crisis, we are aiming to reach 8,000 older people with healthcare and support. So far we have:

  • Provided counselling to over 150 older people
  • Helped over 600 older people to access the medicines they need
  • Started building Age Friendly Spaces so older people can feel safe and find the practical and emotional support that they need

Please, help us support older Rohingya refugees. Donate now.

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