Global AgeWatch reveals best places to grow old

Older couple in Colombia.

Switzerland ranked best place to grow older. Age International warns of increasing global inequality in older people’s wellbeing.

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Realising potential in an ageing world

An older woman smiles in front of her corn shop.

One of the great untold stories of development is that of radical transformation, overwhelming success and hidden champions, but one which does not feature in the UN Millennium Development Goals. This is the story of ageing: of greater numbers of older people worldwide, increasing longevity and the indispensible role older people play in society.

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People of all ages need democracy

Older people march for their rights in Haiti.

This year’s theme for the International Day of Democracy is ‘Engaging Young People’. But why do older people need to sit up and take note, too?

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Getting better at humanitarianism

An older woman smiles widely in Myanmar.

Sir Brendan Gormley was Chief Executive of the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), from 2000 until 2012. He is a board member of Age International. On World Humanitarian Day, he gives his views on how humanitarianism has changed over the years and how we can all be better at it.

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Ageing & the UN Human Development Report

Veronica, 68, from Kenya smiles at the camera.

We’re pleased that the pace of global population ageing has been recognised in this year’s UN Human Development Report, with the transition to old age identified as one of the key ‘sensitive stages’ of the life cycle.

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