Index reveals global ‘gaps’ in how older people are treated

Older people march for their rights in Haiti.

A new index has revealed the best and worst places for older people to live around the world and, in doing so, called into question the idea that ageing is a ‘developed world’ problem only.

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Life as an older Syrian refugee

An older Syrian refugee sits up in bed in Jordan.

The UN has described the current crisis in Syria as the world’s worst refugee crisis for twenty years. There are now more Syrians displaced than any other nationality in the world. Chris Roles, our Director, reports from Jordan.

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Older Syrian refugees ‘forgotten’ by aid agencies

An older Syrian refugee is bed bound due to injuring her legs.

Older Syrian refugees are not receiving the help that they need, according to a new report from the Caritas Lebanon Migrant Center (CLMC).

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Tennis ace Martina Navratilova backs Age International

Martina Navratilova standing.

Former Wimbledon Champion, Martina Navratilova, unwound from a memorable All England Championships by speaking at an Age International Dinner on Monday evening.

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Charities urge grandparents in the UK to help older people overseas

Goats stand in an Age Uk charity shop.

Age UK and Age International bring to life what people’s donations could mean to an older person overseas. Goats, like these ones pictured in an Age UK shop, cost £18 each and provide milk, fertilizer and income.

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