Life for older Rohingya in Bangladesh camps

Older people are vulnerable in Rohingya refugee camps

The situation in Cox’s Bazar is reaching breaking point. Older people are living in overcrowded camps, with toilets that are so shallow that they are overflowing into people’s living spaces.

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Elderly Rohingya refugees vulnerable, need specialist support

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh

Hundreds of thousands of Rohingya people are fleeing from Myanmar into Bangladesh, to escape life-threatening conflict and violence. Older people caught in this crisis are extremely vulnerable; Age International is working to provide age-friendly aid to older refugees in Cox’s Bazar.

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Who’s caring for the kids?

Theresa, 55, sends granddaughter Sarah, 6, off to school (c) Simon Rawles

As new figures are released revealing the number of grandparents in the UK providing regular childcare, we take a look at the global picture.

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Food aid delivered in East Africa but crisis remains critical

80 year old Adi receiving haricot beans

Although lives continue to be saved in East Africa, the continuing food crisis shows no signs of abating.  Lucy Billings, Project Officer for Age International, explains why this emergency is proving to be particularly complex.

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Do cash transfers help older people to access health services? 

‘We found that while cash transfers can have a positive impact on older people’s access to health services, their effectiveness was limited by low coverage and inadequate benefit levels. Improving income security through social protection mechanisms, such as universal pensions, alongside health promotion activities targeted at older people, can provide a useful way for supporting better access to health services.’

In the context of increasing national and international commitment towards achieving universal health coverage, and the need to address ageing and health issues in all countries, cash transfers are a potential strategy in removing some of the barriers to accessing health care for older people. But what does the evidence say?

Flavia Galvani, Social Protection Policy Officer at HelpAge International, discusses Age International’s study into the impact of cash transfers on older people’s access to health, on The Lancet Global Health Blog.

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