Stories from Lebanon: why healthcare for older Syrian refugees is as vital than ever

An 80 year-old Syrian refugee with a paralyzed leg.

As the Syrian conflict enters its sixth year Age International and our partners are stepping up our work to help even more older people to get access to the life-saving treatment they need.

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Don’t forget older people, Age International tells Syria conference

Old Syrian refugee in Lebanon.

This week governments from around the world are convening in London to discuss the continuing humanitarian crisis in Syria – a description that hardly does justice to the extremity and gravity of the situation.

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How Age International are helping older Syrian refugees

Moustafa and his wife in Syria.

What happens when an older Syrian refugee receives a cash transfer? How do they spend it? What impact does it have on their life? Moustafa, a 62 year old grandfather – who fled from Homs to Jordan – shares his story.

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Life as an older Syrian refugee

An older Syrian refugee sits up in bed in Jordan.

The UN has described the current crisis in Syria as the world’s worst refugee crisis for twenty years. There are now more Syrians displaced than any other nationality in the world. Chris Roles, our Director, reports from Jordan.

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Older Syrian refugees ‘forgotten’ by aid agencies

An older Syrian refugee is bed bound due to injuring her legs.

Older Syrian refugees are not receiving the help that they need, according to a new report from the Caritas Lebanon Migrant Center (CLMC).

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