Do cash transfers help older people to access health services? 

‘We found that while cash transfers can have a positive impact on older people’s access to health services, their effectiveness was limited by low coverage and inadequate benefit levels. Improving income security through social protection mechanisms, such as universal pensions, alongside health promotion activities targeted at older people, can provide a useful way for supporting better access to health services.’

In the context of increasing national and international commitment towards achieving universal health coverage, and the need to address ageing and health issues in all countries, cash transfers are a potential strategy in removing some of the barriers to accessing health care for older people. But what does the evidence say?

Flavia Galvani, Social Protection Policy Officer at HelpAge International, discusses Age International’s study into the impact of cash transfers on older people’s access to health, on The Lancet Global Health Blog.

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Addis Ababa’s soup kitchen, in pictures

Preparing food at the soup kitchen

In the slums of Addis Ababa – the capital of Ethiopia – Age International’s soup kitchen provides thousands of nutritious meals to the poorest older people.

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Challenging stereotypical representations of Ethiopia

Wagay cuts the ribbon to open the Image Age photo exhibition.

‘We have poverty in Ethiopia, but things are getting better. The government is working to make things better, communities are working to help themselves. Show this – not just the problems,’ the Head of Press at the Ethiopia Embassy in London, cautioned us.

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