Archbishop Desmond Tutu joins global action/2015 campaign to make older people count

Desmond Tutu supports Action/2015.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu is calling on governments around the globe to explicitly recognise the needs and rights of people of all ages. The call comes as world leaders make their final preparations this month ahead of the UN summit where they will agree global goals to reduce poverty in September.

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Nepal Earthquake: Age International set to reach 10,000 older people

Bir and Tarka stand smiling side by side.

Following the devastating Nepal Earthquake, we’re working with our local partners to support older people affected by the disaster.

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DEC launches Nepal Earthquake Appeal

Men digs bodies out of the rubble in Nepal.

Age International and other leading UK aid agencies have launched an appeal with the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) to help survivors of the devastating Nepal earthquake.

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Nepal Earthquake: Older people among the most vulnerable

Chandramatic, 91, survived the Nepal Earthquake.

A massive earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter scale has hit Nepal between its capital Kathmandu and the city of Pokhara to the north east. The power of the earthquake has been compared to the equivalent of 20 atomic bombs; tremors were felt as far away as India and Pakistan.

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Developing countries face ageing revolution

Lillian, Paula and Ian in Kenya.

In 2050, just 35 years’ time, there will be more older people worldwide (aged 60 and over) than children under 16 for the first time in history.Today, almost two-thirds (62%) of the 868 million people in the world aged over 60 live in developing countries; this proportion is expected to increase to 80% in 2050.

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